Race Course

It was 5:00 pm on August 18, 1975, that Boisean Jon Robertson invited 24 friends on a hot August night’s run. The start would be at Fort Boise (elevation 2725′), 8.5 miles up Rocky Canyon and over Aldape Summit (elevation 4797′), to a 13.1 mile finish at Robie Creek campground (elevation 3065′). Such was the birth of the Rocky Canyon Sailtoads and the Race to Robie Creek™.

Course Map (see mile-by-mile description below)

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Start: The race begins at High Noon every third Saturday in April at Fort Boise.

Mile 1: The climb begins as participants hit Reserve Street and wind around the corner up Shaw Mountain Road.

Mile 2: The climb continues up Shaw Mountain Road, and if you look back, you get a nice view of Bronco Stadium.

Mile 3: Past the Table Rock Road turnoff, and it’s the only part of the first 8.5 miles that is downhill and runners cross the first cattle guard.

Mile 4: At mile 3.5, the pavement ends and the dirt road begins. The climb steepens and you wind up a long narrow canyon with some shade.

Mile 5: Continuing ever uphill, the road winds through a gradually widening Rocky Canyon and crosses the second cattle guard.

Mile 6: Past the second cattle guard, a steep pitch, followed by a brief stretch of flatter terrain to tease you. Take advantage, cause it’s gonna get brutal.

Mile 7: From here on the climb is steep, and shade is scarce. At this stage, don’t be surprised to see runners turning into walkers.

Mile 8: Past mile 7.5, the throng winds up the steepest, most grueling part of the course. Only a half-mile to the summit, but it’s painful.

Mile 9: Over the summit you’re wondering what your calves are doing, because here comes the muscle-cramping, toe-jamming, bone-jarring downhill.

Mile 10: Wind through the back-side forest and try to stay upright on the sharp downhill turns. The best part is the wonderful shade.

Mile 11: The downhill continues and you begin to wonder if it will ever end.

Mile 12: Enjoy the last bit of downhill because once Rocky Canyon Road hits Robie Creek Road, the course flattens out — but of course it feels like you’re going uphill because of what you’ve just come down. How much do you have left?

Mile 13: You made it! Around the last bend is the finish line. Get through the chute, collect your Robie trinket, go collect your T-shirt and enjoy the best post-race party in existence.