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Frequently Asked Questions

2016 -  april 16th

2017 - april 15th - the 40th

2018 - april 21st

3rd Saturday in April - start time will always be 12 noon


The Race to Robie Creek is a very hard race. The first 8.5 miles are mostly uphill, with the last 1.5-2 miles being very steep. The next 4.6 miles are downhill. This is a point-to-point race. There is no ride back to the start or to the finish, there is no sag wagon, and there is very little cell phone service on the course. We have a communication vehicle that will follow the last walker but they do not have room to give rides. We also have medical teams on the course that are there for medical emergencies only.

If you decide you no longer want to continue the race, you may turn around and walk back to the start or continue walking to the finish area. Be advised that every participant should be prepared to complete the course in five hours as we will be cleaning up and departing the finish area in that general time frame. You may also stop at one of our 9 aid stations and ask if they have the ability to give you a ride. If they are able, you will have to wait there possibly for some time as they will not be able to leave the course until after the last walker passes and they have cleaned up their station.   We hope that no one has any issues and you enjoy your Robie experience.

Yes,  we have the toadmobile,  it will be at the start.   put your name on it or in it.  and anything but black is good.

please no glass bottles in your bag.

the truck will look very much like a big UPS truck, thanks UPS for the help.

Robie is a logistical nightmare. Park in the morning at either lot and
hitch a ride to the start with anyone going that way, lots of people
will be dropping of a car. we don't run a bus from the lots to the start.
Or park at the start and make a friend in the bus line and hitch
a ride back to the start.
here are links to the two parking areas
Springs Shores -
Idaho Parks and Rec -

At the back of Fort Boise Park in northeast Boise. (search it
on Map Quest). At the corner of Mountain Cove Road and
Reserve Street on Scout Lane, you can’t miss it. Come early, we will have some fun.

12 noon. It will always be at 12 noon, do not ask for us to
start earlier this year because you are getting married that
afternoon. You could change your wedding day, or get
married at the finish. Come early, the band starts playing
about 10:00.

At Robie Creek picnic grounds, back waters of Lucky Peak
reservoir. No, you cannot spend the night or park at the
finish area or at the start area at Fort Boise in Boise. Get a
room, look for the link to the Red Lion Downtowner on our web site,

or give them a call at 208-344-7691 and ask for the Race to Robie Creek Rate

$79.00 / night - they will even pick you up at the airport

13.1 miles, the toughest half-marathon in the northwest and we are not kidding. this is not a walk in the park, but you can walk the steep, you will not be alone.

The summit is at 4,797 feet and the start is about 2,725 feet. The summit
is about 8.5 miles from the start, the finish is about 3,065
feet. You do the math, it is steep, going both ways, up and

No distinction on runners or walkers --- we just have participants. You can go as slow as you would like within reason.  But we are going to stop timing at  5 hours. So if you cannot walk it in less than 5 hours, think really hard about entering. Do not let yourself get talked into doing this if you are not ready. We want you to have a good time (fun that is).

Yes, different every year. If you do not like it, do not enter. In our opinion we are just having fun.

If you think you have a good one,  let us know.

Registration for 2016 opens on-line at on President's Day, February 15th 2016 at 12 Noon (MST) sharp!

don't be late,  or the 2nd chance drawing will be open.

2016 -$50.00 plus a small online fee.   those tech guys who run the big server need some lunch and beer money !!!

and by the way,   no increase in the past 3 years.   thanks to our sponsors and some good budget work sail toads.

the 2nd chance drawing is be back for 2015,

you may sign up for the drawing on Monday , Feb 16th right after the 1st 2100 spots are filled.   the 2nd chance drawing sign up will close Sunday, Feb 22nd at 5:00 pm MST.  the link to the 2nd chance drawing will be at,  bring your credit card !!!  cost - $6.00  and please only enter once.   no stuffing the box,  1 entry per person please,  we will be watching!  we are going to pick at least 200 spots,  if you win a spot you will be entered into the race, you don't have to do a thing other than train.    If you don't have good luck,  you will get the bad news via email, but don't give up if you really want to run.    can you say Transfer - 400 of so will be selling out.   check out the details.

if you ended up with 1 or more extra spots in the race to
robie creek. the extra ones will be deleted, and you will face a $10 processing penalty. it does not matter how you got more than one, if you entered yourself and your boy friend entered you and your mom also entered you, we are going to delete the extras. you will not have
them to sell or transfer to someone else. please make sure
you only enter once. don't come whining when the extra
spots you thought you had are gone.
in 2009 one person somehow entered 15 times, please only
one spot

Yes the field will be limited, 39th year, it will be in the range of 2439
we up'd it one from last year, will you be the one ? if you have run before you know why we need a limit. for the 1st timers after you get to the finish you will understand.

2439 or as close as we can get.   any thoughts for 2017 - year 40 - 2440 ?   i know we are not going to 4000 ?   we would not fit at the finish.


2011, it was full in 21 minutes, for 2012 - 9 minutes and 45 seconds, 2013 we slowed down,  13 minutes.

2014 - 1 hour and 10 minutes,  we were slow,  but very few issues.   we got a compliment on how easy it went!   that was a 1st!!!   we used the new active works

system.   much better system,   we are using it again for 2015

but after february 16th, it will be full,  but we are doing a second chance drawing for at least another 200 spots.

Will be given out at the finish. Take the size you signed up
for, that last walker to finish wants his medium.

There will be a t-shirt trading area right next door to the t-shirt table if you
wish to trade sizes with someone.

Not sure of the fabric for 2015 yet, but might be a tech fabric ?

but the design will be a closely guarded secret until april 18th

They are a finisher shirt,  you must finish to get one.

basque center, 6th and main, wednesday april 13th 5 to 8
pm. it is the only time till 9:30 am race morning. come down, a
great party, beer, food, music, and a great time.
did you miss it ? come to the start beginning
at 9:30 am race morning for numbers, we will use
bib tags in 2016, so no timing chip pick up, got your

number your have got your timing chip.  please do not

cut or wrinkle your race number, chip might not work.

yes, to packet pickup.
you will get one, it will come from the Race to Robie Creek, via Active Works

Bring the one with your Race Number on it,  your race number will be printed in the big numbers

it will show up via email a  few weeks before the race, don't lose it.
save it, bring it to number pick up, it is what you need to
do a transfer. stick it up on your frig, so it will remind you to
go out for a run, instead of eating that left over piece of cake
in the frig.
never got a confirmation ? bring your picture id and we will
take care of you.

if you are running or walking you do NOT need a spectator
pass. if you would like a friend or spouse to see you drag
yourself across the finish line, you need to buy them a pass.
$12.00 each.  You can only buy one when you sign up,  they will sell out

Sorry we do not have room for everyone in Boise at the

finish and party, so you may only buy 1 pass. and we are

only selling 750 passes, not everyone gets to buy one, 1st
come 1st served. once you get to the finish you will see
if you have 8 kids and a husband and 3 friends, you have to
decide which one can come into the finish and watch. again
you only may buy 1 pass.

age 3 and under do not need a pass

if you ordered a spectator pass it will be stapled to your race
number when you pick it up, either at the basque center on
april 15th from 5 to 8pm or at the start beginning at 9:30 am race
morning.  we have  few left which we will sell on wednesday night the 15th,

come early, we will sell out.

We do allow for transfers of race numbers. It must be done at packet pick up night, which will be on Wednesday night April 15th 2015 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Basque Center at 601 Grove in Boise. NO TRANSFERS ON RACE DAY. ALL TRANSFERS MUST BE DONE ON THE NIGHT OF APRIL 15TH. Not in town ? a friend can do it for you or send us an email and the email guy will do it for you, but please let us help you before 1:30 pm on the 15th.

The seller sells their's race number to whomever they
want to sell it to. Get the Race to Robie Creek Race number confirmation to your buyer.  the buyer ( new owner ) comes to packet pick up night
with the seller’s race # confirmation , and we do
the transfer for the new owner and put them into the race, with a new race number.
the seller does not need come to packet pick up night, once
they sell and get their race # confirmation to the buyer they are
done. but you are welcome to come down for the party on
the 15h

We charge $10.00 for a transfer. More paper work

the seller may email forward, fax or mail their email confirmation to the buyer. number transfer must be done on april 15th 2015, basque center 5 to 8 pm, the one and only time. NUMBER TRANSFERS WILL NOT BE DONE AT THE START.

the race to robie creek does not get involved in the buying and selling of numbers

you must buy a spot, never pay more than face value, post your need on the robie's facebook page.   early on, it will be overloaded with buyers, but as we get closer to the race the sellers will out number the buyers.

do not pay too much,   we have seen numbers given away for free on
transfer night.  i had two go to waste again at the end of transfer night,  so don't be paying $100.00 for one in February.

Yes, we will be using  mybib tag for timing for 2015, so there will be no separate chip pick-up Saturday morning. You get your race number at packet pickup and you have your timing tag.  please do not fold, cut or wrinkle your race number, it may cause the tag issues and you won't get a time.     the same tag we have used the past couple of years.

Limited, so car pool, walk, take the bus, get dropped off.
Please do not park in front on someone’s driveway, they
might want to go out for beer before you get back.

None, we will bus you out. You can park at Spring Shores, or
at Idaho Parks and Rec. Lot (Shakespeare on Warm Springs
Road) You can park race morning or the night before, but you
have to figure out how to get to the start or back to town. We
do not run buses to get you to the start race morning. The
last buses out of Robie Creek will go back to the start but it
will be late. My guess is it will leave about 6 to 6:30 p.m. You
might be late for dinner.

Yes we have a big one, beer, food, and it is free for the
participants. Family and friends? We are going to charge
$12.00 for them this year. Buy a spectator pass when you
sign up, it is the only time you can order one. For 2015 you
can only buy 1 spectator pass, but kids 3 and under do not
need one, we figured the kids would not drink much beer,
but they are welcome to a cookie and a potato.
Thanks to Meadow Gold Dairies we will have
some chocolate milk for everyone, prefect for after a
hard run or to go with your cookie.
if you did not run or walk over the hill or buy a spectator
pass, please do not think about crashing the party by any
means. We have only planned on so many people showing up
and there is no extra room for you. come to the start, that
is where all the fun happens.
BIKE RIDERS !! please do not ride in and expect a free
lunch on the rocky canyon sail toads. this year we are
closing the road to you on both ends, unless you have a
spectator pass. sorry, you ate and drank too much.

We have got them, 35 at the start, and another 27 along the
course. When you have to go, you have to go. and for 2015
we will have a couple of urinal stations for the guys, a group
pee. sorry gals, but it will speed up the lines, and remember
gals, get in a line with lots of guys, those lines goes quicker.
and here is another plan - we do not want you to miss the
fun start, while you are waiting in line. just hold it
there will be more at 2 miles and 3.5 miles, you really don't
have to go, you are just nervous and excited.

Yes, 10 of them.  Water and fruit, no Gatorade  except at the start and finish.  Hot day, you might carry your drink of choice.

1st one at mile 2,   PowerBar gel station right before the 7 mile aid station.

No, please don't,  we have the road closed. You will mess up our
timing and results. we won't leave til you get there. we will have 50 sack lunches for the last finishers. but the beer and cookies might be gone.

if you do,  please pull off your timing chip, off the back of your race number



No you can not run on race day as a "bandit".  Any other day would be fine. You will drink all the water and beer and eat all the cookies and that would not be fair for the late finishing walkers.  Just think, walk 13 miles in 4 hours and all that is left is a cold potato.   no number ?  or bus pass ?  you will not get on the bus to ride out.   enjoy your double,  you will run back.

Mom, think twice about letting your husband enter your 8
year old. Just because she won the Harrison Classic is no
reason to do the Race to Robie Creek. This 13.1 mile course
is extremely hard. We want your 8 year old to enjoy running
for a lifetime. This will not be fun for them. This race should
still be around when they are ready, but they are not ready at
age 8 or 10. Think about it. If you are 45, you go ahead and
run, but do not make your kids.

Hey Mom and Dad, if you did not listen to our advice and
entered your child, do not get mad at us when we do not
give them an award, we do not give awards for kids under 14.
you have been warned.

Yes, groups are every 5 years starting at 14 (which is maybe still too young),    are you over 70 and still running robie ?  great job,   yes you still get your own age group 70 to 74, 75 to 80 and 81 and over.

We will give awards to the top 3 Men and Women, top 3 Men and Women in each age group, and the top Master (40 and older) in both men and women’s divisions.

sorry,   because someone asked,   no prize money,   not our deal.

No and yes, but please only on the trails, but only if the trails are dry,   if it is muddy just come down to the start and watch the fun.   please do not ride up or down the course,  the road is full, it has 2400 runners, we do not come and run your bike race course during your races.   please be considerate.  the issue is, you want to see the 1st 100 or so, after that you leave and ride the road,   come on think about it.   even 1 bike is too many thanks.

please do not ride your bike to the finish off hiway 21 and expect to get by our vehicle  guard,   we will stop you.

spectator passes for 2015, 1 per participant, order when you sign up, they are $12.00 each.   IF YOU ARE RUNNING YOU DO NOT NEED ONE !!  you want your mom to watch you finish ?  you have to buy one for her, unless she is running and she is faster than you.  KIDS 3 AND UNDER DO NOT NEED A PASS,  THEY CAN'T DRINK BEER BUT THEY CAN EAT COOKIES, and thanks to Meadow Gold we will have chocolate milk for everyone.  Spectator passes are for your friends and family to ride the bus in to watch the finish and join us for the party, and picnic. Please no party crashers, we are watching you. Participants (runners and walkers) you will not need a ticket to get out.  Please no dogs, cats, bikes, strollers or whiners on the bus.   We will start busing folks in from both spring shores ( across the high bridge past Lucky Peak ) and Idaho Parks and Rec lot on warm springs. the buses start at  12:15 pm and will bus people into the finish till about 2 pm.   at 2:01 pm no more rides into the finish,  please don't even ask.  please don't try to get to the finish after 2.  the finish area will be full.   in total we are using 21 buses.

We are going to bus everyone back to Springs Shores parking lot and then we will run another group of buses that will run a loop down to the Idaho Parks and Rec. parking lot on Warm Springs.  This will speed up leaving the finish, it has been tested, and it will get you home for a shower quicker.  It is like just getting a bus transfer on the city bus.   and again you DO NOT need a spectator pass to ride the bus out if you ran over the hill.

The Rocky Canyon Sail Toads put this race on because we love it, and without it what would 34 crazy people do with their time in the winter, ski or run everyday ?  We try to put on the best race possible for all involved.  Our goal is not charity first, it is the race, which we try to make the best.  But the race has been successful, so we donate all the money we have left over.  for 2014 we donated over $81,000.00, not bad when it is really not your #1 goal.  We have donated over $500,000.00, over the past 10 years.   Thanks to everyone involved.  All the Rocky Canyon Sail Toads are volunteers.  No one is paid.  One of a few races in the country this size which are all volunteer.

Please send us an email or our mailing address is

Race to Robie Creek

PO Box 205

Boise Idaho 83701

we don't have a phone