Training Tips

10 Tips For Training For The Race To Robie Creek™:

1.  Complete one long run or walk every week on hills.
2.  Gradually increase the long run or walk every other week until
you’ve completed 11-16 miles.
3.  Alternate hard workout days with easy workout days.
4.  Train on dirt roads or trails.
5.  Drink plenty of water on your runs. A pound of weight lost equals
a pint of water.
6.  Train during the warmest part of the day to adjust to warmer race
day temperatures.
7.  Increase your weekly mileage no more than 10% per week.
8.  Drink a fluid replacement drink within 30 minutes of completing a
long training run or walk to aid recovery.
9.  Complete your last long run or walk by April 1.
10.  Gradually decrease your workouts the last two weeks before the
race to rest for the big day.